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  • Hummingbird



    The humming bird faces right,  but could be hang the other way with the light shining through you are able to see the details. 

    Please let us know what color you would like for your hummingbird. The choices are endless!

    Each hummingbird measures approximatley  6" in diameter.   It comes with a chain for hanging or if you prefer a clear fishing line.   Please let us know if you'd like that the clear line instead, otherwise we'll install a chain.

    Just like real hummingbirds, each one developes it's own personality as it grows to completion.   They are the similar, but not exact.  

    All stained glass pieces should be installed with 1 inch eye hooks screwed directly into your window frame.

    Suction cup hooks and mug hooks are not recommended except for very light weight items.

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